Polyurethane Systems for the Automotive Industry

For 36 years we have been building customized PU solutions for the automotive industry.

About Amino

Polyurethane Systems that help your business

We service a variety of Polyurethane applications for the automotive industry, including internal and external components.

Polyurethane Solutions

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We develop PU technology that adheres to the strict standards of the automotive industry.


    Amino’s Technology for Polyurethane Products

    Our technical team can offer the best product for your industry, adjusting its formulation for any type of property: density, elongation, tear resistance, flammability, indentation, deformation, compression, among others.

    • Expandable PU
    • Adherent PU
    • Elastomeric PU
    • Plastisol
    • Bi-Component Epoxy

    Scientific knowledge and passion for automotive innovation

    Amino is constantly evolving, our mission is to expand the possibilities of design, safety, performance, reliability and sustainability.

    High resilience flexible polyurethane for molded and block process

    Flexible polyurethane for automotive and furniture in molded process

    Memory foam MDI and TDI based for molded and block process

    Hyper soft for molded and block process

    Thermal insulating polyurethane: injection, block and spray

    Structural rigid polyurethane with high density

    Integral skin for Automotive, furniture and IT

    Case system

    Semi rigid for automotive and packaging

    Microcellular for automotive and footwear

    System for self-leveling floors

    Rigid for surfboard

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